Play Euchre Card Game

Euchre is a trick-taking card game that uses a deck of 24 cards instead of the standard 52. This is because the deck excludes the numbers 2 through 8. Four players are divided into teams of two. Players are dealt five cards in a series of separate rounds and must bet how many tricks they will take. Matching the number bet with the number of tricks won gets a single point. Winning all five tricks gets a team two points. Failure to get the right number of tricks won results in the opposing team receiving two points. The first team to reach ten points wins.

If you've ever wondered where the Joker card came from, the answer lies in the game of Euchre. Although not terribly well-known, the game of Euchre engages and challenges players through a series of trick moves and strategy.

For whatever reason, your characters are a monkey, two gargoyles and a human. Thankfully, you get to be the human. The graphics seem a bit off right away because of their cheap appearance. The gameplay runs smoothly, however, and fans of the game shouldn't be put off by inferior design. The game flows well regardless.

Simple point and click controls allow you to make moves according to the game's rules. For first-time players, Euchre seems very complicated. The Flash version of Euchre is a bit different from how the game is normally played. Instead of betting a certain number of trumps, the trumps needed to gain a point each round is set to 3. The number of points earned for winning every trick has also been raised to 5. This can make a big difference for either team when tallying up the score, as the game requires only five points to win.

Should you lose the game, a sad applause sounds off to really rub it in. We're not sure what sound the game makes when you win, as we never did, but we imagine it to be a grand round of applause with lots of confetti and happy tears. Either way, the game never fails to make you feel bad about yourself with AI opponents that provide quite a challenge.

Aside from a glitch in which the game chooses not to let the player lay down a card, the game is overall adequate for the game of Euchre. On the other hand, its lack of quality graphics and cliché sound effects make it rather bland. We just couldn't find much enjoyment from this version (and no, it wasn't because we lost). It's just one big chunk of “blah,” and there are better versions available. Skip this one and save yourself the heartache of hearing the golf clap of defeat.